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Sector Agnostic Incubation Program

Engage with us to enlighten and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs


About the program

This is a 9 month long intensive incubation program designed to help entrepreneurs materialize their ideas into successful ventures. This is for individuals and groups of individuals, who are at the prototype & scaling stage and want to develop or validate the product. This program will provide training to work on ideas, Business plan development, business mentoring, product development support, technical support, and access to networking events and funding networks.


Entrepreneurs and individuals or groups of individuals, who want to work on innovative products, services, and processes.

Selection Process

  • All the applications will be evaluated by the AIC evaluation committee.

  • The evaluation committee may call applicants for an in-person discussion.

  • The evaluation committee will submit their recommendation to Director, AIC for approval.

  • Those selected for the incubation program will need to register with AIC-JKLU, by signing aMoU for the program.

Tenure in Incubation Program


A startup will be called incubate for 9 months, post that if not extended, they will have called as alumni of the AIC-JKLU incubation program.


A nominal monthly service charge will be levied to a company for the period of the first 9 months. Post 9 months’ utilization charge of 3,000/- + tax will be charged per person.


JKLU-AIC may, at its discreation, permit companies to extend thier stay for a maximum period of another 3 months.
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