LEAP (It’s time to accelerate)
Longevity Economy Accelerator-Incubation
Program (LEAP) in collaboration with our partner Samarth Life Management Pvt. Ltd. (SAMARTH), a leading organization with a strong presence across the areas of longevity economy in India. It is India’s first initiative to focus on this significant and rapidly growing sector, which encompasses products and services in health, media, consumer durables and non-durables, finance, entertainment, professions, and many more areas where the elderly are the major consumers or customers. This initiative will concentrate on fostering start-ups in this rapidly expanding market. Through SAMARTH’s participation, chosen companies will have –
  • access to unique insights
  • experiential learnings
  • supplier and ecosystem connections, and, most importantly
  • a big, engaged customer base for quick pilots, trials, Marketing, and media support for go-to-Market.
India’s first acceleration program for senior citizens


The program links businesses with working experts who consult with the founders with the explicit goal of achieving the program’s goals. These interactions would be targeted and measurable. Because of the experiential nature of the track-related training and advising, the teams will not only have a feasible plan after the program, but they will also have the expertise to implement concepts and techniques.

  • LEAP is a specially designed program to support the creation of these new products & services and experiences for the trillion-dollar global sector of elderly living.
  • LEAP creates huge opportunities for start-ups to create products, services, and experiences to satisfactorily address the needs of more than 25% of our population. (Population of Age 60+)
  • LEAP aims to support business growth through direct-to-consumer marketing expertise, strategic partners, Global presence, synergies across portfolio companies, and an engaged network of target audience and final consumers
  • Using milestone-based targets, the failure rate is reduced.
  • Assists startups in identifying critical obstacles on their way to success.
  • Facilitates the necessary connections and cooperation for success.
  • Measures the progress of a startup using key indicators and indices.
  • Get deep insights about the market.
  • Immediate access to customer bases for go to market.
  • Finetune your B-Model.
  • Rapid pilot & MVP testing.
  • Structural program for building your start-up.
  • Leading specialists to provide structured, relevant, and outcome-driven advice on the startup’s and program team’s business goals.
Some other Benefits
Focus Area
  • Free of cost one-time detailed market research/ study
  • Free of cost Market access of one time MVP/prototype testing
  • Free credits for Amazon AWS, Zoho for Startups other technological resources worth approx. $ 5,000.
  • Targeted investment through program partners (Samarth & info edge ventures)
  • Health
  • Devices
  • Entertainment
  • Fintech
  • Any other product or services for the Elderly

Who can Apply?

Start-up Attributes
  • If you have any innovation regarding eldercare support or other related
  • If you have the working roadmap around the relevant sectors of eldercare
  • If you are a company registered in India
Founder Attributes
  • You’re a full-time team of two entrepreneurs with complementary skillsets.
  • You have a clear vision for your company and a basic understanding of the industry you work in.
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